May 20, 2009
By Brittany Brown BRONZE, Dalzell, Illinois
Brittany Brown BRONZE, Dalzell, Illinois
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You see me for me
And I see you for you
So why tear me apart
I love you and want to love him

It’s as if you are playing a game
Who can hurt me first?
Who can make me insane first
Who oh who loves me most to tell me

To tell me what I need to hear
To tell me what I want
To have me listen to their sweet
Tender loving voice that's just there to

That’s just there to crush me
Crush me into a million pieces
And step all over them
Who will be the one to win that game?

The game that tears me apart
The game that you enjoy so much
The game that makes me believe every word
The game that kills me

You stand there playing
You stand there not even noticing
Not noticing what you've done
Not noticing the pain I'm in

I lay there on the ground
You turn and notice me
I lay there and watch your face
Your faces change from joy

They change to the same
The same antagonizing expression
The expression on my on my...
My pained hurt face

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