May 20, 2009
By TexasGirl2010 BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
TexasGirl2010 BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
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She’s a companion to the night owl
And a friend to the stars
She’s a lover of the coyotes
And an acquaintance of the night
She shines in the darkness
And falls to the coming light
She looks up only to her creator
And down upon the earth
Her beauty is known across the states
And around the world
She is bold in her ways
And universally royal
Her judgment is flawless
For she sees all
She is known as Luna in Italian
And Mond to a German
She has many a names across the globe
But only one by which we call her
She is Moon
A light in the sky
A lamp to the dark
And a hope in the night

The author's comments:
-Looking at the night sky can give any one inspiration for something

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