Ode to a Broken Heart

May 20, 2009
By brittniebby BRONZE, Modadore, Ohio
brittniebby BRONZE, Modadore, Ohio
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a heart broken like
a shattered mirror,
the fear of being alone,
the hurt that pulls you into a
dark abyss, the stabbing of millions of
knifes plunging through your weary heart,
the pain of his absence,
the memories burning through your mind like
fire in a fireplace,
the emptiness that haunts your body,
the tears that start the storm,
emotionally weak, exhausted from the pain,
the strength to fight away this demon,
feeling like a book that he threw away once he
finished reading.
the fear of being a useless rag doll again,
the anger that boils like lava in your chest,
you feel as if you wasted your life,
you wish you could make him love you again,
your heart feels like it has been stepped on
by a million giant elephants, like
you can't breathe,
you want to turn the pain off, just like you would a light,
but you can't and that scares you,
you want to be numb, to forget the feeling ,
the reminder that tells you you'll never kiss
your prince charming again,
the heartbreak telling you were as worthy as a penny to him,
the heart is a delicate flower that he destroyed ,
will the pain ever disappear,
the need to have him here,

The author's comments:
Everyone goes through a heart break at least once or twice in their lives. You go through turmoil trying to get passed your heartache. Sometimes you just have to face the fact that they aren't there anymore and you can get by without them there to hold your hand.

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