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May 20, 2009
By SeXiEsTSexEsT BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
SeXiEsTSexEsT BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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no looking back
only forward
forget the past
its not worth it

look into the future
what do you see?
tell me honestly
do you see me?

i doubt you do
no one does
gosh im worthless
leave me in your dust

forget about me now
it wont change nothing
take a bow
im not frontin

seriousely now
you'll be better off
with the weight of one less
being lifted off

so forget right now
i promise i wont be mad
for all i want
is for you to be glad

the pain i have inside
will all go away
one way or another
there will be the day

so dont feel bad
when you hear me say
leave me behind
make it your way

Live your life
forget about mine
make it all worth it
and put me behind

The author's comments:
A night of emptiness.. and loneliness.. and the feeling of being let down.. i end up with this.. i cant complain..

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