The Fear

May 20, 2009
By Jesika Almazan BRONZE, Pembroke Pine, Florida
Jesika Almazan BRONZE, Pembroke Pine, Florida
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Very weak and tiny
Was how she came into the world
She had no say in being sick
No say in how she would start out in life
The hospital was here second home
In and out was all she did
From needles that took her blood
To pills that relieve the pain

The doctors would always say
We need to run some more test
They always said the same thing
Many things caused her to be in the hospital
From a tight chest
To her bones not wanting to grow

It was always something new
Always something to test

With tears down our eyes
With the fear in our eyes
With ours hands locked together
And the fear of letting go
Not knowing what would happen
If I let go of her hand

It’s the fear
The fear of waking up and not hearing her heart beat
The fear of hearing the doctor’s say she is gone
The fear of her being 6ft under
The fear of losing
My sister Jeneffer

It’s the fear that keeps me going
A fear that helps me
To make sure that she stays alive

I wish that I could take her place

The author's comments:
This is for Jeneffer
My little sister

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