Last thing tonight

May 20, 2009
By Liz Sheppard BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
Liz Sheppard BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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I look in the mirror for the last time tonight
As I look me in my eyes I ask did I live it right
To look towards my future
To see the journey a head
I pray to the father
To help me do something I should
I pray that I wake up without any regrets
And I pray to go 10 minutes without making suicidal threats
To stop blaming my family
And misusing my friends
To stop making them fell sorry
Or make it seem they have to worry about what I did
Success is just something that comes and goes
But pride and joy are things I want to know
I want to move on to lift my head high
To not dread on what’s come and gone by
What am I to myself?
Can I look me in the eye and see inside
Or is the shield from my pain to hard to pry

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