For You My Tears I Buried

May 20, 2009
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Through all the years I cried for you,
I made to God a fervent plea,
That someday from this bondage,
You would finally be free.

And every time I watched you fail
I fell down to my knees and cried,
And asked my God again to save you,
Even though you lied.

For many years I did this
And hoped that you could see,
That this thing that held you captive,
Mattered less to you than me.

And every time that you returned,
I wondered as I tried to sleep,
And hoped that these new promises,
Were ones you meant to keep.

Now these many years have passed,
And I finally can see,
That all the tears you also shed,
Never were for me.

It was after this I prayed for others,
The ones I always forgot,
And I wept for them and their pain,
But for you I cried not.

I sobbed for them so mournfully
And the burdens that they carried,
But because of all the hurt you brought me,
For you my tears were buried.

You may not understand why I no longer pity you
Or why I began to yell,
But what you fail to see my friend,
Is that you have caused this hell.

You claim that it is not your fault,
And that are enslaved,
But I can see that it is not your captor,
Who will not let you be saved.

So now I weep for those who suffer,
The ones that do not have a choice,
But for you my friend I do not cry,
My disgust with you I voice.

So I leave you here alone at last,
With no more tears to shed.
I leave you with your so-called master,
For now our love is dead.

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