The baby, the navy, and the lady

May 19, 2009
By francesco Ingraffia BRONZE, South Barrington, Illinois
francesco Ingraffia BRONZE, South Barrington, Illinois
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Blue are the waves getting lighter and less intense as they move onward, until the become ripe and gently crawl there way up the sandy shore.

Blue is the sky, creating and contorting the nebulas into a fluffy airplane, or the all too familiar flounder looking fish

Blue is the soft, feather, pillow where I rest my head at days end, a source of security, with its distinct smell which provides me comfort.

Blue- the universal symbol of a baby boy, the color of a proud father-waiting-watching-hoping that his Son will live up to expectation,

Blue are the birds perched high in the blooming blossoming trees, using their god given instruments to sing their familiar songs for all eternity,

Blue are the berries which satisfy my buds, succulent and sweet to the taste-as the delicious juices trickle down my throat.

Blue are the jeans… the beloved jeans, the ones with the holes and the ripped pockets, the ones that fit you so perfect that the though of parting with them is criminal

Blue is our lady standing tall and proud in New York, one of our nations most renowned locations, , preaching freedom and equality for as long as she shall live.

Blue is the navy, sailing the seas, instilling fear in the hearts of their foes with their hammer strength, and prestigious background as the worlds best

Blue are the eyes of the beloved girl, mysterious yet confident, angelic yet sultry, drawing in attention from any and every direction and acting as every mans Achilles heel…

But, in the end, the baby, the navy, and the lady might as well not exist at all for time passes us by so quickly that we often miss the beauty of the blue…

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