May 19, 2009
Theyre there when you need them
Even if its half past ten,
Friends dont hesitate to ask
Whats going on behind your mask.
They always give you a smile or a hug when they pass you in the hall And they help you when you fall.
Friends forgive you for what you do
And ask for your forgiveness too.
Friends are patient friends are kind
friends are there when you cry.
Some hold your heart in more ways than one
While others show you how to have fun.
And when your down
These same friends to cheer you up act like clowns.
Friends help you forget your problems with your rents
By talking about something stupid like tents.
So when you go go home and your parents ask 'How was your day' you can just smile and laugh.
So no matter who you are or where your at
Friends can help you to adapt.

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