Out of the Ashes

May 19, 2009
By NickM BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
NickM BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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The forest is happy,
The forest is calm,
The forest is joyful,
The forest is love.

The birds do chirp,
The squirrel run about.
The flowers are blooming,
The trees are tall.

The sky is blue,
Only a few clouds to be seen.
The sky is now turning dark,
And rain starts to come down.

The rain is first light,
Then it is hard.
The wind is first calm,
Then is is turbulent.

The sound is first of rain,
Hitting the forest floor.
The sound is now of thunder,
After a flash of light.

The lighting is bright,
The lighting is swift,
It comes from the heavens,
To the ground it hits.

The forest is not happy,
The forest is not calm,
The forest is not joyful,
The forest is ablaze.

The rain now stops,
The clouds do leave.
The sky is still dark,
The smoke is to blame.

The fire is bright,
The heat is blistering,
The trees do burn,
The animals do flee.

Hours turn to days,
Flames have now died.
The forest is all ash,
Everything is fried.

The land is barren,
The animals are gone.
The trees are ash,
The scene is depressing.

And yet...

Out of the ashes come roses and flowers,
Out of the ashes trees do grow,
Out of the ashes comes animal homes,
Out of the ashes love begins anew.

The author's comments:
A tale of lose and growth.

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