Emotions of a Relationship

May 19, 2009
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We saw each other at school
we started dating
I said I love you
you said loved me too
we were always together.

Then you decided to join the army
I cried, you were leaving me
then we all saw you graduate from BCT
We were all so proud of you
I cried and your parents cried.

Then you got moved to AIT
I cried, you were further away from me
Then we watched you graduate from AIT
Again, we were all so proud of you
I cried and your parents cried.

Next you were stationed in Washington
I cried and cried you were even further away
then you got deployed to Iraq
And we were so proud of you for fighting
I cried and your parents cried.

Finally you came home
I cried being in your arms but was so happy
Then you cheated on me with her
I hated and loved you at the same time
And we all cried; you, me, our parents.

Then I couldn’t move on
I thought you really loved me
I had given you everything I could
And still you took everything I had
Then I met someone new!

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