May 19, 2009
By isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
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As I run in the darkness from what I fear I’m trapped.
I’ve been trapped, but it’s worse without the light,
When you’re behind thick walls and nothing can reach you..
You’re alone.
With no light, sound, or people to keep you company you sit shrouded.
The darkness caresses your pale lifeless cheek, beckoning for you to give up.
The darkness summons you into its gaping maw, tantalizing. Promising release.
But for some reason, your hoarse whisper can’t be heard…
And the darkness won’t take you, but it won’t push you away.

So you sit, lifeless, motionless.
And you can’t remember the last time you saw the light.
And you can’t remember anything but the darkness.

But you’re not afraid.
Why should you be?
It’s all you have known for so long that it doesn’t matter.

But then you feel something, because your staring eyes glaze over at a new sensation.
And then slowly you recognize what is happening,
There is a pin prick of light and you sit, no longer shrouded.
But still feeling the caress of darkness as the light grows steadily bigger.

And then you feel it, a hand upon your cheek,
You close your eyes and smile.
In your mind you shout “YES! This is what I have been waiting for.”
Because all you wanted was someone to reach through.
You wanted to have someone knock down the walls around your heart,
You wanted, needed someone to care.

After all you have been through the simple touch of a hand upon your cheek..
And brings.


You have become my sunshine, the light upon my days.
The water to wash the tears away.
The arms to hold me close,
The lips to whisper hope.

You are my heart on my darkest days.

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