Failing & Failing

May 19, 2009
By Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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You can never understand
ever comprehend
the evil inside a heart
thats been mistrusted its entire life
each beat getting harder and harder to find

So I lie
every day 'cause I
can't "hide" this "pain"
I die
with every word
to leave my mouth
only one exception to my broken rule,
look in the mirror
you won't see what I do

But you still won't understand
ever comprehend
this hate inside my heart,
mistrusted my entire life
each beat getting harder and harder to find,
fainter and fainter and fainter until you cry,
failing & failing & failing & failing at my life,
how can you watch me fall?

When you go on your sepparate way,
I know you'll remember me,
Stop lieing about how you feel,
that's my role, I'm the one who reels
like your place,
a pendulum swinging and swining from side to side,
life seems easier by your side.

But you still won't understand,
ever comrehend, this evil inside of my heart,
each beat getting harder and harder to find,
I keep wasting so much time,
failing and failing and falling and failing

I don't want to reach out any more,
I want to hit the floor,
the saddest part of this,
is knowing you won't pick up the pieces
to prove you don't give a s***.

Go ahead, try to ignore me

Its you who won't understand
try to comprehend this,
how my heart can resist all this hate,
even though the beats get harder and harder to find,
& i keep wasting all of our time,
but you won't help me,
you won't believe me.
I'm failing
over again, I'm failing


The author's comments:
Its hard to understand how someone can NOT hold a grudge against someone who hurt them so deeply the can barely comprehend it. I cannot hate the people who wronged me, even though I deal with the pain of what they did every day.

I hope that others can understand that you don't HAVE to hate, even though its harder not to.

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