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May 19, 2009
By Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
Faeriedustygirl GOLD, Manhattan, Kansas
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Silent notes through the computer screen,
Never seem to hold my thoughts
but I hear the notes all the same,
playing strong through my brain,
Not so silent...
Its breaking
Tapping against the glass that holds it back,
Trying to find a way
to damn it all, throw it away;
The things that keep happiness at bay.

Cracking shards begin to fall,
my memories, f*** them, maul
me & return...
And I remember you
& all that you do
What you did,
These silent melodies break my mind.

The pieces lay across my wrists,
Where love is written, & still resists
the sharpness trying to rip it through,
Then, again, I remember you.

Music of no sound at all,
Breaks my heart and soon recall
the times I've ever said "I love you"
I only meant it when I said it to you,
Can you forgive me
for what I do?

Percussion sets in, my heart begins
to skip a beat while the guitar comes in,
it ties the words together..
(Can't wait to find forever)
Because you promised me we'd be there together.

Peace of mind is hard to find
Can't concentrate, and far to blind,
my eyes won't see anyting
except for you, my only thing
I think I might forever love,
and then the guitars play again,
out of my dreams where it all began,
I realize all of the lies,
that won't matter, they'll die like flies;
silently, like the music you play for me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a friend, and couldn't think of a title for it, so i named it after him.

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