What do You do?

May 19, 2009
How do you fix a broken heart,
When staples just won't work,
When the glue is cheap,
The thread is thin,
And you keep having to begin again,
Only to have it ripped and torn open when,
You get caught off guard,
Love, or so it seemed, finds you and drowns you,
Taking you down to it's deep,
Beautiful abyss?

How do you find your voice,
When you're afraid to speak to the world,
Afraid of the echo when it comes back to get you?

What if you're afraid of showing your true colors,
Because they are to dark,
Too different,
Too new to show,
Because everyone will either hate them,
Rip them,
Or love them and want them,
And try to take them away?

What do you do?

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