blonde hair and blue eyes

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

I dont have a bold uniform with a Swastika imprinted on the side of my arm
i dont have a nazi party located at the bergen belsen
i dont have the will to kill one another
and in fact i don't have BLONDE HAIR WITH BLUE EYES
so there for the Gestapo and the Chancelor of Germany
statements you're a German Jew but but you are not living the fullest of a 100% GERMAN
we were forced to tag along with STAR OF DAVID
so therefore we deserved to be in the process of elimination of the 1/6th JEW POPULATION
throughout the the death of a numerous of concentration camps.

so there on i cry for the children, the mothers, the fathers, family and friends,
my heart is weakened throughout the disasterous Mien is said to be Evil
i cry for thoes who expierenced this discretion
there was no partnership
there was no equalness
there was no highway to freedom but there only hope was to survive
and find there humanity tworads the freedom but....not there souls
there only hope was to depend on the unheard NATO to begin a liberation
the 1930s-40s brigade had no ambition and desire but to kill, to delete the jewish people out of the darkend universe
so there on i feared and i'm still long forever crying for there pain
the German doctors checked for the monsterous diseasble scabies,
they were never fed but if it'd were to be it would be little bread and drink but..... it'd be no good.
AUSCHWITZ they were locked up upon a cell
i cry for them they had no coarsed platinum blonde hair and clouded sky blue eyes
ohhh how i cry for them in constant, i seek the rigidness of there ribs cause the cause of constant starvation,
this could never be oblivious
the bleekend auschwitz shall be condemed
the barbed wire fence and barracks
hounden them all
the devild Prada of the scary striped blue pajamas they wore is unforgetable
the gasing from the gas chambers is sustained
the numbers marking DO OR DIE printed on there features it
the people who can they rest in peace within that real reality that feared and sudden happened to darkened there hearts?
so i mourn in silence for thoes who awakened a toll of innocence all becase they said

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