Conquest and Fate

May 19, 2009
By Kelly Lauren Little BRONZE, Tallahassee, Florida
Kelly Lauren Little BRONZE, Tallahassee, Florida
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i know i'm a mess,but you cant see.I have to come off as something else, I dont want you to read underneath and into the deep.
You're persistent. I meticulously resist your advances, your conquests of uncovering what lies beneath.
I cant give in, not yet.
This is way too fast, you're serious?
What happened to all the fun we had?
" I want more." he says
"I'm not that girl," I say in my mind. I want to try, but I have too many secrets dwelling inside of my chest. I want to love, but i'm naive. I have no idea what I want you to be. All I know now is I just want to be me. If love was what I thought i was after,
well that was a bust.
I shouldve known then that your armor would rust. Was it you, or was it me, or was it fate that interviened? So we said those words we thought we meant, if I feel this way now, then how come yesterday i was able to vent?
I wanted you then, but today was fine. I wont go back since youre not willing to try. One last thing just flashed in front of my eyes.
My city's lights claim you were a lie.

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