May 19, 2009
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My life is like a stream.
Quiet and planned out like a scene.
No worries, no strife a subtle life.
So far for me, this is how I thought my whole life would be.

But what happens when the stream broadens out and gets to its peek.
For me everything.
New experiences, a new start, and many things to see.
This is how my life flows.
I’m not perfect.
My water may be tainted by past experiences that I learn from but can’t recall.
But the peak of my life prepares me for the fall.
Down rushing mountains which is college.
Until like a full adult I settle.
But the peak of my life.
Before the streams falls into the world as a pool, before that.
When I just start having to obey the laws and rules.
The peak of my life must be high school.

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