Daring The Heart

May 20, 2009
Truth or dare?
With fire and pride in my heart,
I accepted a dare that could have torn me apart.
Tell him you like him....
Simple but hard to do,
With my heart on my sleeve I was ready to be destroyed by you.

Home or school?
A debate took place within my mind,
Each side bitter and tragically unkind.
Expect the worse.
Like a coward I sent an email.
But one way or another, I wouldn't fail.

The message was sent.
He said he respected me for not backing down from a dare.
He doesn't feel the same for me but still i can't help but stare.
He is (just) that guy and I am (just) that girl,
I told him i liked him during a dare....
So now I am going to go and (pretend) not to care

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Sophie-Grace H. said...
Aug. 13, 2009 at 8:45 pm
I really like this, and appreciate the point of view of dares, from a teenager. It defines it really well. The language and also the set of out the stanzas are really effective. :)
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