New Day

May 20, 2009
By ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
ZebraCough SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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For the heaven that shines,
And the sky does glow,
And looking down,
See nothing yet
Can see as far as all.
A breath of wind,
A gasp of air
A pinch of fire,
And a pail of water.
A canvas tent,
A sallow tree,
And a blanket.
A blanket that billows
That glows of hope
And fills with the
Light the tunnel has
Yet to show
With words unspoken
And dreams unfilled
It grows and grows,
For we,
As humans,
Do hope as love and hate
Cannot be stopped,
Cannot be quelled
It grows and swells,
It drops and shrinks
But never does the
Fight end.
They sky does reach
But night must always come,
If not to always
End the day,
Just to start again.

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