Without your Name

May 20, 2009
By Bubbly4ever SILVER, Kennewick, Washington
Bubbly4ever SILVER, Kennewick, Washington
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You had the ok
One day
You took one last look
Listened to one final book
You left at 4:04
You waved as you reached the door
You’re going to fly
As we say goodbye
You will soar high
Way up in the sky
Your family strong
And you brave
You showed us hope
Now we have to cope
Now you can run and have fun
But the fights not done

You tried forever
And quit never
You showed me strength
In this battle of length
You were called home
You made your mark
Lit a path
When it was dark
Took a stand
Lent us a hand
You have will
You have mite
You taught us how to live right
Despite this fight

I know you don’t want us sad
But sometimes it’s hard to be glad
Your life a gift
One to remember
You showed no fear
With family and friends near
Now you’re at peace
Living without this beast
You changed my life
I am forever in your debt
I know you are singing and dancing
That I can bet
Now from above you watch us below
Keep us safe when
We are scared
Comfort us when
We are down
Warm us with your smile
Touch our lives when
We need it much
Now I can live with no fear
Because I know you will always
Be near
Our hearts are heavy
But through the fog
We see you did your job
I know you had to go
But I just wanted you to know
Our lives would not be the same
Without your name

The author's comments:
In Loving memory of Aidan
A Friend, A hero, An Angel
A Brave little guy who touched my life and was wise beyond years. Many people are better people because of him. He truly was an inspiration and still is as his legacy lives on in the lives and hearts of others. Never will he be forgotten; never will we be the same.

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