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May 19, 2009
By Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jonathan Block GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I’m from the old Victorian and the walks home from school
From the swing set out back
From the weeds that hid the bottom and the scars from running into them
I’m from the old basketball hoop dipped in concrete
From the holes dug in the yard looking for buried treasure with my brother
From hoping the day would never end

I’m from “next time” and being naïve enough to wait
From the vending machine that didn’t seem to let go of my hand
From the gumballs I’d swallowed one after another, and
From the sour gummies I wished I hadn’t
I’m from hiding in the clothes racks until I got my way
From the look on my mother’s face when she found me

I’m from view of the water from the dock
From the old ice cream shop outside the campground
From the trips with family who weren’t actually family
From the lessons learned while burning my hands
From “don’t touch that” and being too late
From standing too close to the fire and burning my marshmallows

I’m from “just a little longer”
From getting to the next level and not stopping until I wanted to
I’m from patience and strategy,
From quick thumbs and overwhelming strategy
From the all nighters and sleepovers

I’m from loving and losing,
From friends and girls who are such
I’m from the nights I couldn’t fall asleep
From not putting down her picture
I’m from the needs, wants, and never-hads
From the pain that lingers, and in time will depart
I’m from the feeling of being lost
From the feeling when she’s finally found you

I’m from “I lost track of time, dad”
From I’d give anything to get it back
From “I’d give anything to stay longer”
From “Don’t go…” and the way you look from the driver’s side window
I’m from that smell on my clothes that never leaves

I’m from the moments that escape
From you’re gunna miss this
From the voice that keeps me going, puts on a smile, and holds back the tears
I’m from knowing so little, but at the same time, have gone through so much

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