Why i skate

May 13, 2009
By greg wright BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
greg wright BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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Why I Skate.

It all started about four years ago back when I was about
Twelve years old I found a skateboard laying around my
House. As soon as I found it, I immediately tried to stand on it.
When I first stood on it I knew I was going to love this sport.
Then later that year a couple days before Christmas I asked
My mom if I could get a new skateboard. So Christmas
Morning when we started to open gifts, the first thing I opened
Was the skateboard I asked for. It was a birdhouse board I
Was so happy I had gotten it. Then Christmas went on.
A couple months later I already knew how to balance my
Self and ride it. Then a year on two later I decided to keep
Skateboarding because I was beginning to get good.
So a couple years later when I was fifteen , sixteen years
Old I decided to enter a skate competition for the first
Time in my life at zero gravity skate park . Me and
My friends had all entered as a team but only certain
Of us will qualify .When I heard my name to start my run
I got really nervous. So I started my run and began to skate
To skate as best as I could. I skated real good
So later after the whole team skated they were beginning
To announce the winners to compete in the final. The
Announcer calls the first name it was me,mike,bobby,josh
And john .So the final begins I did a trick on the rail called
a smith .And a did a real high air on their box and other cool tricks .The
Rest of the team including me did real well but we were really
Wondering who won 1st place. So once again the announcer
Called the winnings of 1st 2nd and 3rd.Third place goes to
this kid blake. Then 2nd place goes to mike. And finally as
They called first I was hopeing for the best he said 1st
place goes to greg wright. I was so happy to win I didn’t
even know the feeling.Finally after the comp I decided I and
going To keep skating as long as it keeps me happy. In conclusion
this is why I skate.

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