May 21, 2009
By Caleb Werntz BRONZE, Newport, New Hampshire
Caleb Werntz BRONZE, Newport, New Hampshire
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Imagine a world of love and peace that is based on the support of one another.
It grows and expands with the tenderness of one another.
It doesn’t hate or discriminate. It simply grows and never worries.
The dream we all endure exactly parallel to the living hell we call earth.
Where your money is worth more than your life.
Your life they tell you.
Tell me it’s all my own.
All grown and alone I seek a gate to escape what I see as a mere collision of lifeless hearts beating and not repeating.
Dead in silence and in rhythm.
Together forever like air and space.
Erase my thoughts and start me over.
I need another chance to rant on about how I feel.
How I really feel and really deal and unseal what you deal to me.
To fully realize and escape a case.
Please don’t forget me.
Only reflect me and let me in your heart so I can show you true love.
They try to wash away my mind and rewind what’s left of the rest and.
I won’t let them kill my dreams and hide my pride because it rides aside my confidence and compliments my inner beauty.
It’s what usually becomes misunderstood.
It’s the comments left unmarked and thrown away at the end of the day.
Listen to my thoughts and understand my inner being.
Being me isn’t difficult; it’s just hard finding a way out.
Just sit with me and you’ll understand why I stand out.
Quietly lifting my confidence before it’s too late.
Just imagine a world unlike our own.

The author's comments:
This poem is one of many that I have written. I believe it is one of my better ones.

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