May 15, 2009
How much you want to be her.
How much you want to imitate her beauty.
How much you portray her character as a women.
How much you think she is the definition of what you think everyone should be.
How much you do not know yourself.
Find yourself; you are miles and miles away from reality.
You know no future.
You know her.
Who is she? You might ask yourself.
It might be hard to grasp the fact that she is you.
She is you, buried deep.
For she will always be the girl that reflects your inner core of hatrid.
That is the oppisite of inner beauty.
Her looks are mesmerizing, but where does that leave her?
She has no morals.
She is a rebel.
She is what you have become.
She is your inner monster.

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xfall3nxang3lx0 said...
May 27, 2009 at 2:44 am
I love this Kate! You'll always be my biffle, and you're gonna be the hottest date to formal, ever! ; )
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