May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Everyone is waiting, everyone is nervous;
They are all standing in front of the stage,
Waiting for the same thing.
Everyone with black and white checked shirts on
And a big smile on their faces.
The curtains slowly open,
Smoke streaming in every direction and out they come…
The hall is full of screaming and shouting people,
`cause the rockers are just so great.

I got scared; my heart was pumping so loud,
I thought it was Majid the drummer,
But the he hits the drums with his magical sticks.
Curtis and Lewis shouted into to the mike with such power,
That the sound was jumping around the room like the crowd.

They were fast, loud and aggressive;
The crowd went completely mad.
The ambulance came, a punker nearly died,
But the crowd didn’t mind.
It was the last song,
Everyone wanted more,
But there was another band coming up,
They had no chance to impress the audience,
Checkmates are just too good.

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