My Deviance

May 18, 2009
By Sara Frick BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sara Frick BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Why me? Just at the age of fourteen, Being pushed into the darkness, And leaving me to wander on my own. Over and over again I question, Is it because I ’ m as strong as a roaring gust of wind? I won ’ t accept this abuse in my life, I refuse. I never understood why… Why it was okay for him to treat me this way. Day after day, Year after year, The more battered I was. Rebel was the only word of action I wanted to take. Never did I crawl to my weakness, I was never scared. But why? Why did she allow this monster to do these things to me? Anger was the only emotion I felt, And anger was what I released on her. Committing the same crime of a monster. Fire was burning within my heart, And I did not mean it. These emotions linger inside of me, As I am still in the darkness wandering on my own…

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