In My Final Moments

May 18, 2009
By Anna Miles BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Anna Miles BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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“In My Final Moments”

He comes for me in the night and asks me for my hand.
I know not what to say.
He stands there – dark and mysterious – willing me towards him.
Unconsciously I draw closer to that feeling of doom that emits from his presence.
It has been a long time coming – the welcoming of this unwanted invitation.
He remains patient with me and waits as my heart anguished and I come to the realization of his reality.
It has been a long time coming – I knew his arrival was near.
I should have been more prepared.
My head slowly nods.
I reach out my hand, submitting to his will.
He takes me in his arms and we fly, while silently I am praying for him to turn and leave me behind.
We cross birth and round childhood and I watch my parent’s faces as I grow older and less innocent.
My teenage years are luckily left a blur and he spares me the agony of adolescence.
He takes me my past my early adulthood and I see the lives I changed with merely a look or gesture.
We are rounding into my marriage now and watch my love grow and give birth to my children.
My eyes tear as I watch them grow again – memories that are all too short.
Here we are slowing down and he shows me that mirror-like image of a decade ago.
There is a face and I watch it wither and age and age and age.
The lines deepen on the face and I avert my eyes into his cloak.
I hold tighter to the inevitability of him.
It has been a long time coming.
He came for my husband and has made a return trip for me.
I should feel lucky.
But this cold clench in my stomach feels bitter.
I realize we are back in my house.
His feet make no sound as they touch the floor.
He sets me gently back into my favorite chair.
He folds my hands lightly onto my stomach.
Now that our journey is over I do not wish for him to leave.
I plead silently for him to grant me but a moment more in his company.
A moment more in this night.
But he cannot relent in his mission.
He turns to leave but looks back and kisses my brow.
My eyes close and…

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