Love Spoken to Janie Inspired by Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.

May 18, 2009
By Angelica Durrah BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Angelica Durrah BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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As spoken by Nanny

Ah’ don’ told you time and time again.

Love will come.

N sides’ chile dats jus’ foolishness.

Heah you is Mis’ Killicks and worryin’ bout love.

Jus wait awhile, baby.

Yo’ mind will change.

As spoken by Joe Starks

Janie, I aims to be a big voice.

And I needs you ta be my wife.

You’se da lead cow; da bell cow.

Cain’t be walkin round heah lookin’ common.

You’se Mis’ Mayor Starks now.

My own pretty lil’ porcelain doll.

As spoken by Tea Cake

Janie, I loves ya fo whose you are, not wut you got.

I ain’t want you ta see no commonness in me.

I don’t want yo money or nuthin’; jus you.

I wants ta be able to share everything wit’ you.

I ain’t got much but da most I can give ya is my love.

Will ya take dat from me Janie, will you have me?

As spoken by God

Janie, I made you to be loved.

Don’t feel ashamed to let yo gems shine lik da horizon.

Don’t let mud or nuthin’ else cover up wut I dun made.

You was always a parta nature Janie, rememba dat.

Don’t faget dat pear tree and da bee; you’ll find yo bee cause I made em’ jus for ya.

I loves ya Janie, and dat will always be enough.

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