Befuddlement in behalf of the boffin

May 18, 2009
By Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
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As I walk through the pages of my Life…

And as I climbed just to reach the infinity of the human kind…

As we hover the shimmering heavens so wild,

And swim the mighty ocean at night,

Still it puzzles us many times…

Why the world doesn’t want us to say “never-mind”!

The glaring sun above,

The sweet music from the gentle wind we have,

Questions in our minds survive

From the past through the present and in the future lives,

I am here on earth to discover

The answer to the enigma of my mind…

Is it true or false?

Is it here or not?

No matter what, I am alive…

I want to! I have to! And I will be!

I will begin the journey of my legend

To show them the key of our existence;

And the reason why we are here;

Take my hand child, close your eyes to find…

The dreams you don’t want to hide…

Is just the journey behind…

Walk through my path and let’s start to end

The befuddlement of our minds.

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