May 18, 2009
By Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
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Division in every aspect…

Make our mind so sick…

We also have division in many different manners

In every part, group or cluster

We were given many tasks and duties

Like religions and many groups

That made us so confuse, confound or obscure.

In this new era of ours, why don’t we be together?

Why fight one another if we can be ONE?

We we’re born very unique,

With different thoughts and figures,

With different shades and textures,

We are successful they said…

That made me cry and wretched,

I think we all feel the same…sometimes we’re brilliant but much more faded,

Did we ever hear the word United?

If we did…Then why their eyes are asking?

We are division, we are collection

We are the mass, we are the constellation

But never together and never united

Because we are the crabs, Jealous and possessive

We need the change right? I think you also agree…

So why don’t we be a broom that was gathered to be as one?

Why don’t we be so eager, definite and together?

We all wanted the changes; we all wanted to be save…

Why don’t we be the division that is there to be successful?

Why don’t we be the every fingers divided to be as one?

We are one nation that needs to flourish…

We are one nation that doesn’t need the conflict!

The author's comments:
We have many division in my country. I made this poem just to throw my feelings on my writings.Hope you will it

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