The Voice within

May 18, 2009
By Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
Willamae Nasayao SILVER, Lapu-Lapu City, Other
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Greetings to all the voters in line,

Can I say the thoughts I have in mind?

In every leaf from the Narra tree,

It was so green, thick and healthy

In every scent from the Sampaguita floret

Made our senses so calm and free

In every sweat from the industrious Carabaos

Made our rice field a golden brown,

Abundant foods we have in our tables

So delicious, so fresh and rejuvenating

Welcome to the generation of the new world

I am the voice that comes from within!!!

And please let me shout my feelings…

We should become the wits for us to win

We must be united in every way…

Can we please help one another to change?

Please can we be together as one?

Can we become a loving mankind now?

Beginning today, be united and be a nation…
We are Filipinos who are in need

To start the changes we have in dreams

Can we become the real Filipinos like our heroes?

Can we become the loving nation that will love one another?

Can we become the National team not only a dreamer?

Please let start now and not tomorrow?

We should vote the leader who is worth it...

Youth please also join us, be one of us… be one of us!

We need to hear your voice; we need to see you so strong

We need you to start the changes we’ve been longing for,

We need you to stand together like a mighty one!

Don’t turn your back away from us…

Please let us hear your voice from within…

Yes! You! You are the one!

The Voice from within…

Be like an industrious carabao!

Be like a Calming and refreshing Sampaguita!

Be like a Narra tree that is standing straight and strong!

Be united as one!

Please be the voice within…

Please be the voice within…

The author's comments:
For the filipino youth that needs an inspiration...

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