May 17, 2009

Looking back to when things were uncomplicated
Seems like so long ago, when really, it was only
A few years
Not everyone had a completely uncomplicated life back then
But I did
Why you may ask?
Because when I was with you,
When times were tough,
You made me see the bright side of things
And look past what was tough, and move on
You made moving on easier too,
Except when I had to move on from you
That was the one time you made things complicated.
Although it’s not your fault,
I was the one who left, and I understand that
But that still doesn’t give you a reason to keep holding on
Even to today.
I moved on, its something you now need
To realize and understand
It’s not that I don’t miss you.
I do
It’s the fact that I’ve moved on
And it’s time for you to.

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