May 17, 2009
By ZoeBrian PLATINUM, Fairway, Kansas
ZoeBrian PLATINUM, Fairway, Kansas
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Am I an Enigma
Or just boring?

Are my friends there for real,
Or just there for convenience?

Their comfort is forced and fake
And I see through their shroud.

When asked
why do I avoid?

When included
why do I hesitate?

What do I need to do to branch out,
Who do I need to meet?

Should I be bolder?
Should I be quieter?

Should I become what I'm not
or stay the same and wait?

But I don't want to wait,
waiting takes too long.

What If I'm not who I am...
What if I'm different than I wish to be?

What if I'm everything I hate,
Or everything no one likes?

What if they never notice me,
Or I'm in the wrong place?

Should I isolate myself,
or jump into the crowd?

Should I leave the country,
or just stay put?

What qualities do I have to adopt,
What properties do I drop?

If I only had answers to my questions...
wouldn't it be simple and grand.

But nothing is ever simple
For me or any others.

So does anyone have the answers,
or do I have to keep searching...

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