May 17, 2009
By heartbeats333 PLATINUM, Duanesburg, New York
heartbeats333 PLATINUM, Duanesburg, New York
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Oh, sweet sorrows for ya
Come up from down in Georgia
Wish she hadn't known ya
That sweet girl down in Georgia.

It takes a while to let it go
Baby, I know, I know
Let it all show
The fire'll soon turn to snow
Other flowers will come to grow
Other winds will start to blow
So calm it down, the pain will slow
Let it go, let your love flow.

And soon that sweet girl
Down there in Georgia
Won't hold any interest for ya
Love is always forever
When you're such a silly, little boy
But if this situation's killing ya
Leave her alone in Georgia
She'll find her own man
For the love she had for ya
That sweet little girl, down in Georgia.

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