Too much to deal with

May 17, 2009
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Oh, I feel sick.
So run down and tired.
I don't want to be here anymore.
alone in this dark, windowless hell.
This classroom.
Right now, I am slower than ever before.
Like a drug, crashing down on my system.
It's the part of my life,
each and every
single day,
when I walk to class.
Shaking, sweating,
Running so I don't collapse under the pressure.
I wish I could get my body out of this place.
But only my mind is able to flee.
Away from a world of stress and despair.

No, I really can't stand it any longer.
I have to leave this place,
So I gather up my possessions,
and my courage.
And I get out of here.

Don't know where I'm even going to.
But at least, I know I won't die here.

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