Autumn Was Our Season

May 17, 2009
By Anonymous

if i were to paint a picture
i’d paint a memory
in the colors of autumn
if that’s the only place
where you could be with me

the details wouldn’t matter
it would be in disarray and askew
like how the world was
through my own eyes
when i was with you

if i could be anywhere
i’d live in my reverie
standing on your street
the leaves falling away
and all i need is you with me

and autumn was forever
you with your hair in your face
and that look in your eyes
and the touch of your skin
standing still in that time and place

i used to believe in forever
but forever’s too good to be true
maybe forever isn’t that long
my forever lasted one season
last autumn, with you

now sifting through the layers
searching for what was lost
i try to hold on
but you slip away
and fall to winter frost

you were my revelation
i gave you my soul
and you gave me yours
in hushed whispers of your voice
making us whole

nothing was built
but the bricks were laid
and though forgotten
words were spoken
and promises were made

all of the memories
and everything that was told
i pocketed away
your secrets are safe with me
a part of you i’ll always hold

ashes to ashes
dust to dust
back to the ending
i’ll let you do
what you must

but next autumn
when you’re standing on your street
and leaves are falling down
will you think of me
will you think of me

wish we had
winter, spring, and summer
but autumn was our season
autumn was our season

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