Painted Sky

May 17, 2009
By sissykat PLATINUM, Royal Oak, Michigan
sissykat PLATINUM, Royal Oak, Michigan
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In a world of just
You and I;
We could forget the yesterdays
And go to the rising sun.
With the shooting trails
In the pinking sky,
They can see the faces of
You and I.
With the midnight sky astray,
We could dance upon
The horizon where sky and
Earth met once before.
Though with a blink,
Tis all shattered.
The Painted Sky that the artist
Drew with his own mind’s eye.
Instead we now see our own
Veined spider webbed sky
Drenched sickly with
The lies those about dreamt.
It is a trickster’s home that
Of which hides the Longed
Painted Sky.

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