Pain Today

May 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Pain Today
By: Samantha Pace and Haley McClain

I look at you
Over there
I watch you closely
But I don’t stare
When you look at me
I look away
I don’t want you to see me
But you did the other day
You looked at me
While I was looking at you
When our eyes finally met
It was like a dream come true
Now we’re not talking
Because he told you what I said
Now I feel bad
And I just want to hide in my bed
Look at me
Just once more
Look at me
Our hearts are tore
I’ll let you be
But when I do
Be true to me
And I’ll be true to you
Well, I’m sorry to say
But the best thing for you
Is to stay away
I cannot stand
The pain today
I lay awake
Alone at night
Pretending everything
Is all right
My heart may hurt
My pain may ache
But how much of this
Can I take
Look at me
Yet stay away
I’ll break under pressure
From pain today
We need to talk
I can’t take it anymore
A second alone
And our hearts are cure
Now we’re together
And our dream came true
Now we’re not happy
But I’m not going to break up with you
And our love will perish
Hold it close
It’s a friendship to cherish
Hold my heart
But not my hand
Now ore love
Is in full demand
We can’t be together
And can’t stay apart
One more sign
Of a broken heart
My hands are shaking
My minds a mess
Leave me alone
I can’t take the stress
You hurt me daily
You’re breaking my heart
This is no way
For a friendship to start
I can’t stop fighting
I can’t stop to cry
But couldn’t you tell me
Just tell me why
Now you smile
As you look my way
What did I do
To make things change this way
My heart is broken
You feel my pain
And driving us apart
Is driving us insane
Look at me
Give me a chance
If not a kiss
Then one last dance
Twirl my heart
Around the floor
Hold me close
Just once more
Go away
Leave me alone
What makes my heart
An accident prone
I tried to care
You seemed to know
But you never let
Your broken heart show
When we look at each other
There’s sparks in our eyes
But when we remember what happen
All of it dies
Why are we doing this
Nobody knows
Except for the one
Who wants it to show
That may be me
That may be you
But if you’re happy
I am too
I want you to know
That if you break my heart
All I will do
Is finish falling apart
It’s already happened
And I’m sorry to say
But for right now
Lets stay away
Until we find out
Which one of us
Is tearing apart
I read what you said
And it was so sweet
To me what it was
Was a wonderful treat
You’re like a dice
You have different sides
I wish I was one
But this is all a lie
Since we quit talking
I haven’t ate
Well that was yesterday
And now its to late
People are noticing
That I’m pale
They’re asking questions
But I’m not going to tell
Nothing right now
Will make me better
Except for me and you
To be together
If we were meant to be
It will not end
But I have been thinking
How did it all begin
We were so close
Yet so far away
I just can’t take
This pain today
My heart beat slows
Yet I can still feel
I cried for forgiveness
I’ll end in shame
But for now
I’ll play this lovesick game
My heart is broken
My soul is torn
My love is stronger
And yours is worn
I cried in terror
I cried in pain
I asked you to love me
I asked in vain
I can’t go on
Feeling this way
I have to stop
This pain today
I can’t breathe
The lights are flashing
I cannot avoid
The love I’m stashing
I broke my own heart
I lost my own race
I just feel
I have to stop this pace
It’s going too fast
I am too slow
Do you remember
When I asked you not to go
Have you forgotten
That sweet day we met
I try to hide my memory
But I’ll never forget
You hurt me for no reason
You have no shame
All along you’ve known
This love is just a game
You acted like you cared
Yet you ran and hid
You said you loved me
But you n ever did
I woke up in the darkness
Tears are pouring down
I try to for a smile
But all I get is a frown
I tried to save your love
I tried to save your soul
I tried to hold you close
But then you had to go
You tried to stay away
Yet I could not see
I tried to say I love you
Why won’t you talk to me
I tried to hold you close
But you just turned away
Please leave me alone
I can’t stand the pain today
I knew you liked me
I just don’t know how that could be
The thought of you
In my head
The thought of you
Will never be dead
Now you’re gone
And there’s nothing we can do
I wish there was
That would be a dream come true
Please come back
I don’t want you to leave
We’ll just stand here together
And this love could be
To you and me
I cried today
But you weren’t there
It makes me wonder
Do you even care
I smile today
In a dream
But when I wake up
I wanted to scream
Because you weren’t there
And without you
I am afraid
You know that’s true
I wished one wish
Just for you
I need that wish
To come true
Because if it doesn’t
I’d stay alone
Because I can’t love
With you gone
You are my everything
And I couldn’t see
Exactly how much
You mean to me
Our love is a haze
I can’t get out
I’d laugh at how
You ran and shout
Then came that day
You didn’t show
Now all I ask
Is why did you go
The days are long
The nights are cold
I thought of you
As I grew old
My body trembles
My heart is broke
and people wonder
Why I smoke
It’s all the pain
And all the stress
And without you
Who do I impress
I have nothing
Without your love
You were an angel
Sent from above
You had my heart
And you still do
That breaks my heart
The memories of you
My clear sweet love
Come back to me
I begged for you
You didn’t see
I hold on tight
To an empty love
And without you
There is no push and no shove
I miss you baby
I need you here
Come hold me close
Come wipe these tears
We were just friends
We should’ve been more
I cannot stand
Our love being torn
Us two together
Were like two white doves
But when you left
I kept our love
If feels so wrong
With you not here
Now my cheek
Holds another tear
I need you back come back to me
Come take my hand
And set me free.
Speak the words
You used to say
I cannot take
This pain today
I hurt so badly
It isn’t fair
Please run your fingers
Through my hair
Lets do the things
We used to do
Because I can’t sleep
Without you
Lets be the two
People we were
Come back to me
And for-get her
It hurts so bad
To see you two
Because I’m not me
Without you
My dear, sweet friend
My one true love
Fly to me
Bring back the dove
I’m begging you
As just a friend
Don’t let what we had
Come to an end
It hurts us both
And we both know
This love is something
That’ll always show
I need you here
To hold me tight
And make the wrongs
Feel so right
My heart hurts now
You turned away
And now I have
More pain today
You still don’t see
The things you do
Baby please
Make my wish come true
Lets be us
The way we were
Why can’t you
Just forget her
Can’t you see
The things she does
She treats you badly
She’s ending us
Don’t let her do it
It isn’t right
Come back tomorrow
If not tonight
Why must you hurt me
It isn’t cool
You’ve made my feel
Just like a fool
You’ve played your game
It’s over now
Go on my love
And take a bow
You win, you win
You’ve broken my heart
Now watch me closely
As I fall apart
No… wait….please come back
I can’t let go
There’s something that
I need you to know
I need you still
My love is true
And you should know
I still love you
My heart is broke
You still don’t see
How can you stand
To still hurt me
I can’t stop crying
It hurts so bad
But look at you
You’re not sad
It’s killing me
But you don’t care
I knew you weren’t
But I was there
I was a fool
To fall for you
Even after
What you put me through
It hurts so badly
I never knew
How bad it hurt
To fall for you
As I look back
On our memories
I see the pain
That no one sees
I’m broken again
And you still don’t care
You left me
When I wasn’t there
I can not stand it
It hurts so bad
You’ve broken me
You’ve made me cry
And you can’t see
Because you’re not
Here with me
Now I’m sorry
But I have to go
For all of this to end
I have to do so
Here it goes
Here comes the end
Now I have to go
So we can do it all over again

The author's comments:
It is by me and my friend Haley, who is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! luv u gurl!

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