The Heartless Dragon

May 17, 2009
By Andrew McWard BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
Andrew McWard BRONZE, Fairway, Kansas
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I look out into the cool summer night,
And worry about tomorrow morning’s upcoming fight
For I fear it is a battle I cannot win,
Because the opposing force is a dragon that can burn a sword to a tin
I worry more as I see the sun rise to a great height

I go down to my army to send them to battle,
I tell them they must fight to protect my great castle Gattle
They should not worry about the other army’s dragon
Even though the dragon’s evil and leaves men’s body’s saggin
The soldiers go off, and I watch the battle from my great castle Gattle

I see the dragon, its scales bright as the sun,
It makes mincemeat out of my men as if it’s having fun
I gaze in horror as my men scatter in fear
The heartless dragon approaches and it seems that the day is over before it’s begun

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