My Thought

May 17, 2009
Just so you know
I just wanted to say
It’s been on my mind
Been thinking all day.

It’s pretty important
I’d like to tell you now.
I’ve been thinking it for a while
I just want to spit it out.

I know you might know it
It’s not too hard to guess
I probably should tell you
My mind’s becoming a mess.

So here I stand next to you
Thinking as hard as I can
The thought goes back and forth
Like sea upon the sand.

And now I’ll say it
I think I’m finally ready
Trying to type with still hands
It’s tough to keep them steady.

*Deep breath*

You’re unique, incredible
Supportive and nice.
You and me stick together
Like white on rice.

You’re beatiful and sweet,
Intelligent and good.
You’ve looked after me so well
Just like I’ve always known you would.

So that was my thought
But there’s something else too…
I thought I should let you know
That mom, I really really love you.

Please remember
That there is not one one thought I don’t think of you
Step I don’t take for you
Eye I don’t blink for you
Smile I don’t spread for you
Song I don’t sing for you
Or love I don’t feel for you.
You are the world’s gift to me
And you will always be just what I wanted.

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