How do you trust a lie?

May 16, 2009
By NateGilbert93 BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
NateGilbert93 BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
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He said he’d changed,
He said he loved me,
What’s different this time?
How do you trust a lie?

My very own father’s a blight to the planet.
I won’t let him get to me.
It won’t hurt this time.
But how do you trust a lie?

It’s easy to open up at first.
It’s easy to believe.
I don’t understand why my soul craves for that father,
Who left me with a broken mother.
My past won’t let me forget.
Always the same question is asked:
How can you trust a lie?

I know the truth already.
The truth really hurts.
It’s not that my father hates me,
But my existence, to his cold eyes, wasn’t necessary.
Still he uses his honeyed words.
“I’ve changed Nathan”,
“You know I love you.”
But how do you trust a lie?

The author's comments:
This was written in confusion about my dad.

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