May 16, 2009
By Abby Barbier BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Abby Barbier BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I feel a rush of adrenaline
With every breath I take.
I am nervous
But I try to hide it.
I want to be brave.
I step onto the stage
And await the bright lights.
The curtain opens.
I see the audience for the last time.
I hear the music start,
And I know that is my cue.
I gather up my courage
And sing loud and clear.
I pray I do not mess up,
With every word I sing.
And when the song is over,
I have more lines to say.
I finish my lines and walk off the stage
Hoping I did well.
People congratulate me
And tell me to keep it up.
The time flies by and before I know it
I am taking my final bow.
I take a final look at the sets and costumes
And say my goodbyes.
I leave and I feel very empty inside.
It was a wonderful experience
With new friends and old,
But just like all good things,
It had to end.

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