Heartbreak Occurs

May 16, 2009
One little phone call to walk her back at night.
no one else makes her feel as safe.
a set time, but the turnout is always the same.
He calls ten minutes too late.
Walking back as scared as can be,
knowing that he doesnt care
about what happens to that poor girl; all alone.
In more ways then one.
Alone in a room full of smiling faces,
fake smiles at that, hiding the truth.
Alone in a family, where everyone loves everyone
except the unwanted girl, the middle child.
Alone in a circle of friends from back home
everyone starting new, meeting people forgetting her.
Alone in a relationship, one that should involve two.
Only her heart loves and her eyes cry
for the love that she wishes was there.
Alone in a world where no one understands
The laughter in her heart and the smile on her face
no one accepts the pain she has to go through
and the choices she may make.
A small few make her feel wanted, but still always alone inside.
No matter where in the world she may end up;
heartbreak will always occur.

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