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May 16, 2009
By Sheebs PLATINUM, Oxford, Florida
Sheebs PLATINUM, Oxford, Florida
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You can look for love all you want but in the end love will always be right beside you.

As I was riding down the road
I passed you in my car.
And you were all alone
With that look on your face.
I almost pulled over
To offer you a ride.
But then I saw what you were looking at
Them thugs at the corner of the street.
You could’ve walked on by,
Not stop to do business.
But one glance over your shoulder
And you were already reaping in the dough.
So I sped back up again
With one glance in the rear view mirror.
The same thought kept playing in my head
Didn’t I tell you to stop?
You could’ve had help and safety.
But did you learn your lesson in the end?
I now weep as the reverend says his prayers.
I never thought this day would come.
But as I listen to his sermon he says
A young man lost by a simple mistake.
A simple mistake?
Like everyone does it?
Not one mistake, but many
Over and over again.
But what could I do?
People write their own endings
And it’s too late to edit.

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