May 16, 2009
By Anonymous


Some day’s I curl up in a ball and cry and Some day’s I laugh a lot and have fun
Some day’s are bad days and some days are good days that I never want to forget
I have a lot of those days when I curl up in a ball and cry
On those days I think that I have no one who cares about me
I try to block out all of the yelling that goes on in my house but it is impossible
Some days I want to run away and get out of all these problems
On these days I am strong I get through the day without hurting my self or anyone else
I have learned from mistakes that I have made that people do care about me
I wish that I could escape all of the pain that I feel on these days
I wish that the happiness that I get would stay forever and not a couple days after go to a bad day again.

The author's comments:
I hope that everyone who reads this poem relizes that no mater who you are that there is someone in the world that cares for you.

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