You Are In Love (I Am Not In Love)

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

He is always swirling in you mind
the glow in your eyes tells it all, are you that blind?
Denying the fact, when you two are written in the stars
yet you lock up your love hiding it behind bars.
you are in love.

I've learned my lesson when I was small and naive
that love was something impossible for me.
Breaking my heart, they came and they went
i never saw my solider heaven sent.
i am not in love.

Check out the smile on your lips and the shine in your face
you keep on saying your love for him would be a disgrace.
Yet now because of him you soul now sings
and you fly in the sky with angel wings.
you are in love.

Scarred of what the future may bring, with doubt
guarding myself from pain so my heart will not cry out.
The ache in my gut reminding me of my childish act
my past is real, he did brake my heart, it is a fact.
i am not in love.

Your breathing is held in place when he is near your way
your tongue stutters, never knowing what to say.
Because of him you now stay on your feet
he being the one you have been searching for, the one you seek.
you are in love.

Butterflies wiggle in my stomach at first
never thinking of my last pain or my hurt.
I follow at their feet, dragging myself right at their side
not knowing that there affection for me was a lie.
I am not in love.

Why do you kid yourself, and cover up your heart?
What are you scarred of? even death cannot tare you and him apart.
His love will be by you eternal and you know its true
that he has love for you and you have love for him to.
You are in love.

He does make me laugh, and I do feel my heart skip a beat at times
I even find myself daydreaming of him being all mine.
But I must not distract myself, for then I will brake
i only play hard to get for my hearts own sake.
Maybe what you say is true maybe he is my angel from above
but at least out loud I will not say I am in love.

The author's comments:
I love this poem. Only because it is a different set of piece of work, to me anyway. I wrote this poem once I heard this song. It just inspired me to write. Once I got the first two lines on the poem, everything else just flowed with it. I hope you like it. Peace *NE'CE*

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