Billy Boy

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Roger McClusky had a friend
A very unusual one
Am I done?

No I’m not, unfortunately
Roger’s friend played the oboe
While sited in a racing chimpanzee
All painted orange
He was an orange like guy

Roger knew him well
Yeah I could tell
Of course, I wrote the song
I promise it won’t take long
I am a fast like girl

Roger didn’t have no toy
So he called up Billy Boy
Oh Billy Boy
Just try to enjoy
Roger’s mind

Billy could understand Roger
I’m afraid I still can’t do it
I will never do it
No one can
Because Billy is nobody
Oh no, how come!
Roger didn’ like it!
Billy is the song the deaf hear
Oh, you better save me
Before I listen to Billy
Because I’m not deaf

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