Mother’s Day Poem

May 16, 2009
By Jason Young BRONZE, Los Altos Hills, California
Jason Young BRONZE, Los Altos Hills, California
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Motherhood is like the rising sun:

A constant in our lives, and an axiom of the heavens.

Yet, while we till the soils of life,

We rarely stop to notice

The infallibility of this nurturing element,

That warms our hearts and nurtures our souls.

However, it continues to shine-

And grace the world with its benevolence.

Mothers on this day we thank you!

From the depths of our hearts we can only express-

A fraction of the gratitude you deserve.

For we are in eternal debt to your beneficence.

So revel in this day where we are here to honor you!

For in a moment we, like beasts, will once again forget,

The unlimited sacrifice you give; yet,

Be assured, for your blessings will always remain in our hearts.

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