Broken Thoughts

May 16, 2009
Guitar notes fall like tear drops
Droplet splats smear inked letters
Streams caress the flat of paper; murky
Bar lines and key signatures smudge, fade
Rhythms become beats, beat-beat-beating
Hearts turn to dreams ‘cause we’re already snore-snore-snoring
Lines are blurry; almost gone
Memories kick us; just hold in our bleed-bleed-bleeding
Voices wail, crowds cheer, all shake-shake-shaking
Skies close up; leave us fall-fall-falling
Your fingers split; we’re all break-break-breaking
Discover us, drown us, choke us on our humanity
Stuck with out motives and emotion, crime
Plague-plague-plaguing, spread-spread-spreading
Our hereditary stupidity
What we feel twist-twist-twisting, rip-rip-ripping
Apart our souls; we are just
Learn-learn-learning that our tongues
Are just itch-itch-itching to tear apart
This expensive, expansive nothing
Call-call-calling to it our lips move-move-moving
“Home” They say

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